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This workshop aims at supporting the development of Personal Learning Environments (PLE) and fostering a better understanding of the current context of PLEs in institutions of higher education. The history of PLE and perspectives will first be presented by Professor G. Attwell. Working group sessions will then allow various PLE experiences to be presented, followed by a general discussion.

When & Where?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012, University of Geneva (room tbd)

Register here Registration is open until October 15, 2012.

Preliminary Program:

10h30 - 10h45 : Welcome

10h45 - 12h15 : A Small History of PLE and Perspectives

                          Professor Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu (Bridge to Learning), Wales UK

12h15 - 13h30 : Lunch at the University of Geneva

                       Offered by SWITCH

13h30 - 14h30 : Working Group Sessions (15 min. each)

                         -> First Questions about PLE (all) Pilot classes experiences with a PLE (Laurent Moccozet, UNIGE).

                         -> What training about PLE for BA students? (Hervé Platteaux, UNIFR)

                         -> ITSI: Outlining Learning Environments for the Higher Education Institutions of Tomorrow (Gudrun Bachmann, UNIBAS)

14h30 - 15h00 :  "Ben meritato caffè"

15h00 - 16h10 : General Discussion

                         PLE actions developed in institutions of higher education are nowadays inserted in the context of  a

                         pedagogical innovation that can be summarized very shortly as "from teaching to learning,

                         a paradigm change". In this framework, the organizers of the workshops would like to ask workshop


                      -> Teachers: "Do you feel that your students should better do some activities in order to participate

                      in your courses? In which of those activities would you like your students to develop more autonomy?"

                      -> CCSPs members: "What tools do you see as enabler of those activities? What services can you

                        set up in order to enable those activities?

16h10 - 16h15 : You vote!

During the workshop we will collect a small series of questions. At the end of the day, all participants will be asked to answer the questions by an online survey tool.

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